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Our Mission

To impress everyone is precisely our aim in everything we do . We aim to beautify each thing with memorable paint company . We also seek to provide solutions in the field of high-end corporate , commercial & residential paints .

Roma also aims to build long term , mutually productive relationship with our clients through professional work ethics , high quality services , premium products and delivering to commitment .  


Our Vision

To enhance the standards in paint field and to be a pace setter in the design of trendy  basic paint products . 

Roma also strives to supply premium projects to the satisfaction of our reputable customers as per the international codes , specifications , superb design and standards . We also aim to be a dynamic vibrant company with a globally competitive business structure with a brand name that is featured and supported by clients around the world . 

In addition , facilitating communication with our valuable clients is our continuous goal .


Our Values 

  • Passion :
  • We have a passion for our products , services and clients.
  • Teamwork :
  • We work together, share goals and commit to finding solutions . We also communicate effectively by sharing information, skills and knowledge to achieve success . In addition, we support the development of our team members and celebrate success by valuing and recognizing each contribution.
  • Integrity :
  • We make honesty , ethics and transparency the foundation for all actions, and we are also responsible at all levels .
  • Innovation :
  • We are driven by continuous improvement and we always find new ways to make things better . We also optimize results by working smarter. In addition , we promote and respect self-expression and diversity in all its forms .
  • Professionalism :
  • We are qualified , skilled and committed . We commit to continuous improvement and professional growth and take pride in delivering high-quality works and exceptional service to our dear clients .


Our Products

  • Traditional Lime :
  • Our classic finishes from Grassellos to Intonachinos , passing through Marmorinos , in paste and in powder form .
  • Innovative Lime :
  • The most unique finishes such as concrete surface effect , “ Liberty “ textures and Marmorino with Mother-of-pearl.
  • Flooring :
  • Our finishes studied and certified for the surfaces that can be walked on together with the paints to protect them .
  • Synthetics :
  • The alternatives to our lime-based products such as spatolatos and the “metallescent” effects .
  • Preparation and finishing :
  • All our products to prepare the surfaces , color the products and protect the various finishes .